We offer a variety of residential and commercial real estate services


We specialize in commercial brokerage and also handle auctioneering, estate matters, leasing and foreclosures.

Buddy Brackfield Commercial Real Estate Services

Experience Matters!

Buddy Brackfield has over 30 years of experience. Let him handle all of your real estate matters. Call (865) 691-8195 today!

Commercial Property

Buddy Brackfield specializes in Commercial Brokerage. His number one goal is to negotiate in your best interest.


We handle Auctioneering, Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Brokerage, Estate Matters, Leasing and Foreclosures.

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Strength, Knowledge and Experience

  • Brackfield and Associates: Strength, Knowledge and Experience!
  • Buddy Brackfield specializes in Commercial Brokerage.
  • We represent, protect and negotiate in your best interests!
  • Experience matters! Let Buddy Brackfield handle your real estate matters.
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Our Services



We have experience covering retail, office, industrial, multifamily, land, investments, estate matters and foreclosures. We have the market knowledge, resources and experience to service your transaction with an unparalleled expertise.

We understand your investment goals need a strategic plan. Rest assured, we have a broad network of relationships and resources that allow us to be effective for your goals. Our full access to financing allows you to save money and creates opportunities for your best interest. We are well aware of situations that might warrant attention and will bring to the table the tough decisions necessary to gain the leverage you need. During our course of representing, protecting, and negotiating your best interest, please know it is our desire to create a long term relationship with you and we will always put your interest above ours. If you need a commercial broker in Knoxville, TN, contact us.


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Brackfield & Associates can handle any type of auction from an estate auction to a non-profit charity auction. We enjoy the auction and remain confident, energetic, and sensitive to the flow of the auction. We also make sure to maintain the momentum as well. Guaranteed we will represent your property professionally and effectively.


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Whether you are merging two companies or purchasing a company, Brackfield & Associates is your advocate. We have the strength, knowledge, and experience to advise strategic buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire Merger and/or Acquisition process.

We provide a strategic plan for selecting the right partners and team for your deal. However our expertise goes far beyond the plan, we provide the information, guidance, legal, financial, and other assistance that may be crucial factors necessary for due diligence and to close the deal as desired. From beginning to end, we align our services to address all of your Merger and/or Acquisition transactional & integration needs.


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A business purchase or sell can become overwhelming and take more time than initially desired.
Choosing us to act as your 'buffer' and facilitate the process gives you strength. As your representative we are able to have a very productive discussion to let the other party understand what is necessary to make the deal happen within your pre-outlined parameters.

What Brackfield & Associates brings to the table for your Business Brokerage needs:

  • We are focused on the end goal
  • We ask the right questions
  • We know the right answer
  • We turn problems into opportunities
  • We have full knowledge of the latest laws & regulations
  • We make sure you are protected in all your paperwork processes
  • We save your time, we negotiate on your behalf
  • We save your money, through our experience & knowledge


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We are able to search, evaluate, and negotiate the purchase of a business or property that fits your criteria. We understand at Brackfield & Associates that every client is different and each property or business is unique. Rest assured we will go above and beyond to find that business or property that you thought 'did not exist'. Once your asset has been found we will be able to assist you in the full negotiations process from start to 'signed on the dotted line' done.


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We are able to develop your best strategies for planning the accumulation, management, and transfer of wealth. Our goal for your Estate's wealth is to make sure it is held, preserved and transferred to the desired beneficiaries as intended in the in the most efficient way. Our knowledge of the laws and years of experience with negotiating and representing large assets gives you the confidence and protection needed.

Estate processes can be made easy and painless by using Brackfield & Associates. We understand the complicated state and federal laws governing Will and Trust Litigation, and Tax Controversies.
We will make sure all parties involved are working toward your best interest. It is our pleasure to be your knowledgeable guide as we help take care of the 'business side' while still remaining sensitive to the family and personal issues that may arise.


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Brackfield & Properties can help with the purchase, management, acquisition, and occupancy for
your commercial or residential lease property.

We will make sure that when you get involved in a lease that you are protected. Sometimes there can be 'hidden' contractual terms that are not in your best interest when signing a lease. It is our job to make sure that the terms are fair and that you are protected, not just the leaser.


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Brackfield & Associates has over 30 years of experience in Foreclosure Properties. We are your best asset to help salvage what is left and find the best options and solutions for the situation. We are a turn-key service for any property that is in foreclosure. We can help with all foreclosure
issues, legalities, and processes for trustees, primary and secondary lien holders. We are able to determine value, verify occupancy, inspect property and its conditions so that all parties involved can make informed choices in the actions taken. We also help liquidate assets, improve property condition, and re-market to qualified buyers. If you need foreclosure help, contact us.




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