What to look for in a real estate expert

What to look for in a real estate expert

Brackfield & Associates

When looking for a company to handle your real estate matters, you need a local expert. Brackfield & Associates is a locally owned and operated company looking out for your needs.

When you are buying or selling you need someone with the experience to handle whatever comes up.  An expert stays actively involved in today’s business market.  An expert has the knowledge and experience you need to execute your business goals.

Are you dealing with a foreclosure?  You need someone who understands the issues, legalities, and processes for trustees, primary and secondary lien holders. Are you buying or selling a business or other property?  You need someone who can determine value, inspect property and its conditions so that all parties involved can make informed choices.

Do you need someone who specializes in commercial real estate?  Buddy Brackfield has over 30 years’ experience in a wide variety of real estate matters.  When you need an expert, experience matters.  Contact Brackfield & Associates.  We have the experience and expertise you are looking for.

Why choose Brackfield & Associates?


We have over 30 years’ experience in Commercial Brokerage, Business Brokerage, Foreclosures and Estate Matters.  Brackfield & Associates covers retail, office, industrial, multifamily, land, investments, estate matters and foreclosures. We have the market knowledge, resources and experience to service your transaction with an unparalleled expertise.


Brackfield & Associates can handle any type of auction from an estate auction to a non-profit charity auction. We make sure momentum is maintained.  We will represent your property professionally and effectively.


Whether you are merging two companies or purchasing a company, Brackfield & Associates is your advocate. We have the strength, knowledge, and experience to advise strategic buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire Merger and/or Acquisition process.


A business purchase or sell can become overwhelming and take more time than initially desired.

Choosing us to act as your ‘buffer’ and facilitate the process gives you strength. As your representative we are able to have a very productive discussion to let the other party understand what is necessary to make the deal happen within your pre-outlined parameters. 


Brackfield & Associates is able to search, evaluate, and negotiate the purchase of a business or property that fits your criteria. We understand at Brackfield & Associates that every client is different and each property or business is unique. We will go above and beyond to find that business or property that you thought ‘did not exist’. Once your asset has been found we will assist you in the full negotiations process from start to ‘signed on the dotted line’ done.


Brackfield & Associates can develop your best strategies for planning the accumulation, management, and transfer of wealth. Our goal for your Estate’s wealth is to make sure it is held, preserved and transferred to the desired beneficiaries as intended in the in the most efficient way. Our knowledge of the laws and years of experience with negotiating and representing large assets gives you the confidence and protection needed.

Experience matters:  Contact Buddy Brackfield at (865) 691-8195 for all your real estate needs.  Over 30 years’ experience in commercial brokerage, business brokerage, foreclosures, and real estate matters. 

For more information, visit our website at: http://brackfieldproperties.com

Make the most of your self-storage space

moving boxes with labels






If you have opted for self-storage service, you need to need to make sure that you know how to pack and load it properly in order for your belongings to stay safe and also to have easy access to the things you need the most.

How can you make the most of your self-storage space?  Here are some tips to consider as you pack and prepare to store your belongings:

  • Always start with good quality storage boxes.  At Volunteer Movers, you will find a large selection of cardboard boxes and other packing materials such as bubble wrap.
  • Look for special boxes to protect fragile contents such as dishes and glasses and clearly mark them as fragile
  • Use bubble wrap for fragile items.  Bubble wrap can be used to:

o wrap table legs

o protect dishes and glasses before boxing them

o protect pictures and mirrors from breakage

  • Do not overfill boxes.  Doing so may cause boxes to tip over or collapse.
  • Use small boxes to pack heavy items so they are not too heavy to lift
  • Label all your boxes so you know the contents
  • Create an inventory of what you are storing and keep the list at home
  • Clean garden equipment before it is stored
  • Use wardrobe boxes and leave clothes on hangers to help them keep shape
  • Be sure you place items closer to the door that you expect to need soon / often
  • Protect your furniture with soft covers such as blankets or sheets to keep dust out
  • Clean refrigerators and leave the door open