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Tips: Packing to Protect Your Valuables

Protect your valuables

Here are some general tips for protecting your valuables:  You should always visit a storage unit before you rent and make sure it is clean and secure.  Visit your rental unit on a regular basis to make sure everything stays in order.  For clean and secure storage, visit Volunteer Moving and Storage with eight locations in and around Knoxville, TN.

Do not store perishable items or combustible items (flammable or pressurized).  Always keep an inventory of the replacement value for your items.

Here are some tips for packing items for protection:

·         Your should place the heavy items at the bottom of the box

·         Do not make boxes too heavy

·         Do not overfill boxes

·         Fill spaces in between with bubble wrap or other protection

·         Pack books in small boxes (they get too heavy in large ones)

·         Use furniture drawers to store fragile items

·         Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or clothing

·         Label all boxes, especially those that contain fragile items

·         Use cardboard to cover the floor before placing your boxes inside

·         Empty fuel from lawnmowers, motorcycles or other vehicles before storing

·         Buy good quality packing materials and plenty of them

·         Use trash cans to store garden tools

·         Large appliance such as dishwashers should be drained and doors left open

·         Defrost refrigerators and leave doors open

·         Use a good quality lock on your storage unit 

·         Cover upholstered furniture such as sofas

For more tips, follow our blog.

Make the most of your self-storage space

moving boxes with labels






If you have opted for self-storage service, you need to need to make sure that you know how to pack and load it properly in order for your belongings to stay safe and also to have easy access to the things you need the most.

How can you make the most of your self-storage space?  Here are some tips to consider as you pack and prepare to store your belongings:

  • Always start with good quality storage boxes.  At Volunteer Movers, you will find a large selection of cardboard boxes and other packing materials such as bubble wrap.
  • Look for special boxes to protect fragile contents such as dishes and glasses and clearly mark them as fragile
  • Use bubble wrap for fragile items.  Bubble wrap can be used to:

o wrap table legs

o protect dishes and glasses before boxing them

o protect pictures and mirrors from breakage

  • Do not overfill boxes.  Doing so may cause boxes to tip over or collapse.
  • Use small boxes to pack heavy items so they are not too heavy to lift
  • Label all your boxes so you know the contents
  • Create an inventory of what you are storing and keep the list at home
  • Clean garden equipment before it is stored
  • Use wardrobe boxes and leave clothes on hangers to help them keep shape
  • Be sure you place items closer to the door that you expect to need soon / often
  • Protect your furniture with soft covers such as blankets or sheets to keep dust out
  • Clean refrigerators and leave the door open