Brackfield & Associates

Why choose Brackfield & Associates?

  • We have over 30 years experience
  • Our strength is our multi-faceted approach
  • Your interest are before ours
  • We operate with the highest integrity & ethics
  • We have the resources & support to develop your winning ‘team’
  • We are problem solvers and opportunity makers for you
  • We know the latest rules, regulations, and laws for your protection
  • We help facilitate action
  • We motivate all ‘players’ to work toward your best interest
  • We achieve the desired result for YOU!

Experience Matters

Brackfield & Associates has over 30 years experience in Commercial Brokerage, Business Brokerage,   Foreclosures, & Estate Matters. When it comes to protecting your best interest having   an ace on your side is like money in your pocket. You need someone who has been   actively involved in today’s business market and stays actively involved. We understand the business world in which we operate, it is our pleasure to provide that knowledge and   experience to you. We have handled over 200+million in property & business brokerage.

Let’s face it time is money. The faster you can execute your business goals and start   moving toward producing, your profit grows. From our years of experience we know   the action and processes necessary to help you move forward toward the end goal.   From our experience we are also able to laser pinpoint and remove the processes that   impede achieving your desired result. It is about YOU at Brackfield & Associates,   solving problems and creating opportunities for you!

Winning Strategies

At Brackfield & Associates it is never about us acting on our best interest. It is always   about acting on your best interest.

The only way we are to know what is best for you is by listening intently to your situation   and developing your winning strategy.

There are many elements to win when it comes to business deals, estate matters,   foreclosures, and the like. We look at your situation from an “Eagle’s Eye” view. Every   piece of the puzzle must be examined including, but not limited to, time frame, monetary   situations, legal issues, market demands, and all the ‘players’.

Guaranteed our Winning Strategy for you will not miss any detail when it comes to your   objective. From start to finish, we will handle almost every detail in a legal, systematic,   and strategic manner to protect and negotiate your best interest.

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